The Value of FOL Membership

We are all pulled in many different directions in our everyday lives.  Determining where to spend your time and talent depends on what you want to give and what you need in return.

Why join the Friends of the Library?  Your membership contributes by:

  • Supporting a variety of programs for both adults and children that the library’s annual budget can’t completely cover.
  • Extending, by the hours that you volunteer, the ability of the paid staff to meet patron needs.
  • Advocating for literacy which is more important than ever.  The Justice Department says, “The link between academic failure, delinquency, violence and crime is welded to reading failure.”
  • Ensuring that the library continues to be an integral part of a thriving community providing a place to go for internet and computer access, genealogy research, reading readiness programs, help with on-line job application, book clubs and much more.
  • Allowing the library to continue being a window to the world and to inspire exploration through reading and research.

What you get out of your membership?

  • You will meet like-minded men and women who enjoy service and have a passion for books.
  • Members may work during the quarterly book sales and receive 50% off the purchase of any books you select.
  • Members receive a decal which proudly announces that you contribute to your community by being a member of the FOL.
  • You can see the tangible results of your contribution – new equipment, new software, new furniture, new programs, and much more.
  • Between now and the end of 2019, you will see the renovation of a NEW LIBRARY!!!


Membership applications are available at the Library circulation desk and in the Permanent Book Sale alcove.  Annual dues for an individual membership are $10.00; a family membership is $15.00.  Annual dues are collected each January.