Help Your Child Love To Read

There are many children who love to read.  There are also children who do not enjoy reading at all.  Sometimes it is because they have a learning difference and reading is difficult for them.  Other times it is because reading is just not something they enjoy.  Here are a few ways to help your child learn to love reading.

  1. Read aloud to your children from the time they are born.  It is also never to late to start this activity.
  2. Take your children to the library often and help them pick out a book that interests them.
  3. Make sure your children see you reading.
  4. Leave books around the house so that they are always available.
  5. Give incentives for children to read.  Summer reading programs are a great example of this.
  6. Help your children write their own book that they can read aloud to friends and family.

Whatever it is you choose to do, never stop reading to your children and never give up encouraging them to read to you or on their own.  It is time that will never be wasted.

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