Great Books For Kids

I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan is the perfect lyrical, rhyming, magical journey through the land of books for anyone to read to pre-schoolers and emerging readers. What could be better than a book that encourages young children to read? The young character in this story tells a melodic tale of all the adventures he can go on and all things he can learn through books. With beautiful illustrations, the author reminds us as the book comes to a close that, “Each book is like a magical net that captures stories so we never forget. Up on the shelves the books stand by, waiting for us so their ideas can fly.”


“Each book is like a magical net

that captures stories so we never forget.

Up on the shelves the books stand by,

waiting for us so their ideas can fly.”


“Cliffy was in the middle. And that’s the best place to be if you know what you know and you know what you like. Jammie Day!”
When you are a kid right in the middle sometimes things are not super comfy. Cliffy has an older brother and older sister and a younger brother and younger sister. He longs to be comfy in a house where not being the oldest or the youngest is hard. In this book by Carrie Snyder, on a cold winter morning Cliffy decides that he wants to wear his “jammies” to school. Because everyone is busy with the oldest and the youngest, Cliffy leaves for school wrapped up in a coat, mittens, scarf and hat still in his jammies. Before long Jammie Day becomes Jammie Week, then Jammie Month and soon Cliffy is not the only one in his class comfy, cozy in his favorite jammies. Everyone notices what a great idea Cliffy has, even his family. Cliffy is the one with the best idea, just like he always wanted.

This is sure to be a favorite for you and your family to read on a snow day, a weekend morning or anytime your little ones need to talk about not feeling noticed or important. Grab your favorite jammies and this beautifully illustrated book and enjoy.


Sweet Rose is living the perfect life. She is the luckiest stuffed bunny around. She has a boy who loves her and calls her his very own. Together they read books that are lined up in a perfect row. Together they drink out of cups that all face the same direction. Everything is just the way Rose needs it to be – until the day she notices a string hanging from the stitching on her arm. She tries not to pull it. She tries to ignore it. But she can’t.

Rose gives the thread a tug and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of “Unraveling Rose” by Brian Wray and beautifully illustrated by Shiloh Penfield. This book addresses the increasing pressure children put on themselves to be perfect in a cute, gentle age appropriate manner using a beloved stuffed toy and the love of a child.


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